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Infographics has now become an internet phenomenon. It is a communication or marketing tool that combines visual graphics with text to present information-rich subject in a visually appealing form which is easy to understand. Tagwebs with its industry leading creative talent creates unique, innovative and creative infographics. As a leading Infographics design company we use our knowledge of the intricacies of building a viral campaign to create fresh ideas that are widely adopted by the social community.

In today’s digital world, with attention span of users are diminishing to record low of just a few seconds, the biggest challenge for any brand is to capture the user attention to convey their message. This calls for innovative and creative visually appealing presentations such as Infographics. The major issue faced with brands today is that users leave a website if they don’t find compelling content. The challenge is to create compelling content, not leave any space for confusion and make navigations easy like a breeze. With the case of a complex scenario dealing with intricate message that demands the inclusion of several layers, making it simple and easy to understand is a difficult task in hand! That is where our creative design company in India helps brands to engage their audience to their creative content including Infographics.

How is an Infographics campaign run?

We advance with an idea based on our research, recent trends and the trending hot topic in the social media scene.
We search through piles of data to make sure that we know everything about the subject we deal with.
Our designers visualize the data and turn it into a well-polished infographics that is easy enough to understand but conveys the message in its entirety.
We continuously monitor trends and dips in rankings and take corrective actions as and when necessary.
We manage the social media accounts for the brands and orchestrate distribution of the infographics through Social Media handles. These contribute to referral traffic and thus in turn the brand’s search engine rankings skyrocket.

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